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Monday, September 20, 2021

Clutch lever for Yamaha XS650

The clutch was sticking on the Street Tracker after the engine rebuild.  I pulled the cable off to lube it and noticed the cable slot in the clutch lever was oblong.  After years of use the lever was so worn that actual cable action with the clutch pulled in was only about half of what it should have been.  I purchased a new lever, installed it, adjusted the clutch and problem solved.


Dime City Cycle Banner

I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff


Ed Roth "Mail Box" Model Kit

It's a Custom Trike Chopper, and it's by Ed Roth, AND it comes with a Rat Fink decal!


New brake lever installed on the Yamaha Street Tracker

New brake lever purchased from Mike's XS.  It looks and works like OEM, however I did need to grind almost a 1/4 inch off the backside to in order for the adjustment bolt to align with the spline notch correctly.