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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Modifications to install Clarke universal fuel tank on 1985 Yamaha TY350

1985 Yamaha TY350 with original tank.

Hard to tell, but the top of this tank is very brittle.  I decided to look for replacement. NOS is virtually non-existent.

Enter Clarke Mfg. and their universal mini tank.  Based on my internet search this looked like a viable option.

To access the tank bolts you will need to remove the seat.  These little tabs are located at the bottom rear on each side of the seat.  Gently pull them out from the rubber grommets, then lift up the back of the seat and slide of.. 

Disconnect the fuel line and then remove the three bolts used to mount the original tank.  One at the back of the tank and ......

two at the front.  One on each side.

The petcock can be mounted on either side, but you will need to drill a hole first.  And for this application you will need to buy the 90 degree petcock to get extra clearance around the head.

I used a standard battery powered drill.

The new hole.

Use SeaFoam or gasoline to rinse the tank.  It will have plastics shavings inside.

The new 90 degree petcock installed.

New longer bolt on right as the new tank is a slight bit wider.

Gap between tank and due to new tank being slightly wider.

New rubber spacers from local hardware store.

No space now.

My Mickey Mouse use of the rear O-Ring strap that cam with the tank.  I will fabricate something nicer in the future.

View of new petcock and head clearance.

Original seat snapped into place.

View with new tank installed.  I need to buy some decals so it looks closer to stock.  Not perfect, but it will have to do as it's much better than having a cracked tank slosh fuel on you and/or a hot engine, exhaust, etc.  That could be a very bad day.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Clarke Universal Fuel Tank for Yamaha TY

Noticed that the stock TY tank is getting a little brittle in spots.  I found this very possible replacement on the Clarke web page.  What future posts to see if it works.


Saturday, January 9, 2021