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Sunday, September 30, 2012

1980 Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker Project -- Progress thru September 2012

Installed new Maxxis 27.0 X 7.0 DTR1.  I found it for a good price and  it  has a little more clearance than the Goodyear Eagle.

Good Year Eagle dirt track tire added to make the bike look more aggressive.    
This post will follow the progress of my 1980 Yamaha XS 650 Street Tracker project.  Latest photos are on top.

Tool roll added.  This solves the problem of were to store the tool kit.

New Points Cover from Mike's XS.

Original Points Cover

New Gas Cap ($32 from Mike's XS) installed. 

New Gas Cap on top.  Old Gas Cap with broken latch on bottom.

Dual Disk Front Brake with Braided Line Added.

Aluminum plates added to both sides to hide the ugly electrical relays.

Old school Flander's grips.  $8.00 on Ebay.

Headlight from swap meet installed.  Frront turn signals were picked up at a yard sale.

Speedometer is from Mike's XS.

Bracket for turnsignals and headlight were fabricated by my friend Ira.

Almost done!  Pipes painted with silver/aluminum high heat header paint.

Fork brace -- $5 from swap meet.  Still need to add headlight and front turn-signals.

Rear turn-signals are cab marker lights from an International-Harvester semi-truck.

Rear tail-light ia barely visable in this photo.  It's an LED trailer light.  $30 at the hardware store.

Pinstriping and lettering by Ron Pomeroy of Yakima Wa.  Ron did a fantastic job and created the old-school look I was after.

Back from paint.  Still need to finish pinstriping.

Paint is by Jaime's Auto Customs out of Toppenish Wa.  Jaime recommended the metallic blue and it turned out great.

Mile pipes from Omar's installed.  To be painted in the future.

Mile pipes as they wrap around cylinder.  Gas tank has to be removed to install right side pipe.

Rear section of reverse-cone baffles.

Rear view of exhaust.

Rear tail light and turn signals still to be installed.

Tank and seat mounted.

19 inch wheel installed.  New progressive shocks installed as well.  Sprocket was obtained from Omar's Dirt Track Racing.

Disk brake adapter mounted on wheel.

Sprocket adapter mounted on wheel.

Side view of adapters.  Sprocket adapter on left.  Disk brake adapter on right.

Bottom view of 19 inch wheel conversion adapters.  Sprocket adapter on left.  Disk brake adapter on right.

Adapters for 19 inch wheel conversion.  Top view.  Left side is for sprocket.  The right side is for the disk brake.  These were machined by my next door neighbor in his home shop.


Bearing used to convert 19 front wheel to use as the back wheel.  Bearing number is 6204.

Dual disk wheel installed.  4.00x19 Duro tire.  New fork seals, wheel bearlings, and steering head needle bearings.


Duro (Pirelli knock-off) installed

On motorcycle jack with forks and triple tree removed.

Ball bearings and races removed.

New shock on left is 1 inch longer than original shock on right.

Old tire on bottom.  4.00 X 19 Duro Tire (Pirelli copy) on top.

Tire and disks removed.  Wheel cleaned and ready for new tire.

Passenger pegs and center stand cut off and excess metal ground down.

Passenger foot pegs removed.  Foot peg and center stand brackets ready to cut off.

Front reflector removed.  Mounting Bracking ready to cut off

Front seat tabs cut off

Rear frame loop cut off

Stripped of gas tank, seat, exhaust, and lighting