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Sunday, February 12, 2012

1964 Honda C105 Domestic Model

 C105 ID Plate
Torpedo Bulb and Screw Taps

Photo of Front Winker Lens and Screws as Requested

Another survivor from my collection.  Domestic model not made for export.

U.S. Models did not have Super Cub decal because the name was owned by Piper Airplanes.

Japanese sticker on front forks.  I don't know what it says or what it's for.

Speedometr in kilometers.

C105 frame number.  It's a 55cc bike.

Electric start.

Note two buttons.  One for electric start, the other is for the horn.

Front winkers.

Rear winkers and small tail light.

Honda Wing decal.

1982 Honda GL500 SilverWing found in garage in Eastern Wa.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yamaha XS650 Twin Front Disk Conversion

When I started building my street tracker I found a 19" front wheel that was set up with twin disks.  To convert the bike to dual front disks I also will need a left side caliper, larger master cylinder, twin disk manifold and the brake line for the left side.  Not many Yamaha XS650s had the twin disks and finding a used left side caliper was proving difficult.  It appears that an XS1100 caliper will bolt right on.  I found a good deal on line from Boise Vintage Cycle and Salvage.  I will add photos and info as I gather the necessary components.

New master cylinder installed.

New dual disk manifold installed.

Brake parts needed to convert to dual disk brakes: Larger master cyclinder, manifold, and brake lines.  Parts were purchased from Mike's XS.

Bolted in place with right side caliper in the background.

Left side XS1100 Caliper Purchased from Boise Vintage Cycle.