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Saturday, August 6, 2011

1960s Honda S65 spotted at Vintiques Hot Rod Show in Yakima, Wa. -- August 6, 2011

2,000 written in grease pen on the gas tank.  Don't know if this is the asking price or something else.


  1. Great looking S65..I am in the process of restoring one for a customer of ours ( R Cal Racing). I have a limited amount resources at my disposal. I was wonering if you could send me a few pics of the fuel tank/petcock assy. I need to see the routing of the hose from the right side of the tank to where it goes to onthe left side of the tank. It would be greatly appreciated of you could help me out. Thanks
    Steven Rae Rodriguez

    1. Steven, These are the only photos I have of the S65. I checked my reference books and I could find no details to help you out. I will look for other S65s when I go to shows this summer. You may also try the yahoo small honda push rod group. There are group members there who own S65s and they may be able to help you out.