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Saturday, September 1, 2012

1948 Cushman 3 Wheeler on display at the LeMay Family Museum, Spanaway, Wa.


  1. I wanted to ask what would be the value of a fully restored 1948 3 wheel cushman?

    1. I have prices for three different models of Cushman 3 wheelers from the last Mecum Auction I attended in 2017. A 1955 Truckster sold for $5,250 and a 1947 Package Kar sold for $7,500. I don't know your specific model but this may get you in the ballpark. A 1976 Minute Miser sold at the auction for $2,750. It was the only other Cushman 3 wheeler for sale. I don't think it's a valid comparison, just an example of what a late model might sell for.