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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1972 Ossa 250 Stiletto TT - part of the Retro Riders display at the 2015 Cool Desert Nights -- Richland, Wa.


  1. is it possible the paint is original? the bike is so very beautiful and in great condition. all the metal has the perfect patina, doesn't look restored but looks clean and equal, hard to explain in words but it is good to the eyes.
    it's a dream bike. you are extremely blessed to have this bike. even the letters and number fonts on top of the tank ooooze with style. if I could go back in a time machine to get a few brand new bikes, this OIssa would be one of them.
    I don't know the monetary value of the Ossa but imagine it could get silly expensive at an auction.
    yes, of course I would paint it metal flake orange, lol.
    the Mi-Val looks good displayed next to it.

  2. are the grips correct? they look like a set of vintage Vespa grips I have.

    1. I had the motorcycle repainted a few years ago. I kept the the motor, wheels, tires, and frame as I found the bike. The grips, levers, and cables are NOS Ossa items from Alex Snoop out of New York state. The Ossa gets a lot of compliments every where I take it. Thanks for your compliments.

    2. how long have you owned the glorious bike? is the fenders fiberglass or a stiff plastic? did you recover the seat? do you think the tires are original? do people offer to buy the bike from you all the time? I hope you post more pics of it someday in different settings. I'll probably find one at a garage sale in near mint condition for $250, lol.

  3. I bought the bike about 4 years ago. I found it in a garage a block from my house. The front tire is the original Spanish Pirelli. The Rear tire is not original. The seat is original and has not been recovered. The front fender is a fiberglass reproduction. The fiberglass has always been brittle on these, so finding one with all the original glass is rare. I have had several offers, but I haven't needed to sell it yet.