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Thursday, June 16, 2016

1971 Kawasaki A7 SS 350 Avenger and Harley-Davidson/Aermacchi SX350 before ride to the 2016 Hogs and Dogs -- West Richland, Wa.

Two completely different approaches to the early 1970's scrambler.

1 comment:

  1. two perfect bikes together.... if I had to choose between the 1971 Avenger and the SX tree fiddy, I would have to take the Kawasaki. mostly because I can never remember how to spell Aermacchi.
    that there EYE Talion motorsickle needs dark charcoal metal flake (almost black) paint, but use those stock decals.
    as if the paint came from the factory painted metal flake.
    your Avenging motorcycle needs to be kept perfectly clean with no added scratches or wear & tear from you riding it around like a crazed lunatic madman, but you can always refresh the bike.
    so you might as well enjoy I suppose.
    if it were my bike, I would keep it perfectly detailed in my living room and gaze upon it's beauty continually. on a slowly rotating display platform.