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Friday, December 23, 2016

Coleman CT200 Minibike spotted for sale at the local Walmart


  1. Replies
    1. I like that it's an old school design.

    2. it looks very traditional, without any funky looking decoration or strange shaped parts and the what have you. the motor looks nice and sounds great being 195cc 4 stroke. you could build a better exhaust with a quieter muffler, making sure it looked modest and vintage in appearance (I like quieter, more stealthy).
      remove the racks. paint the bike metal flake, DARK cherry red would be perfect.
      it needs a set of vintage "style" gold metal flake grips, maybe even vintage Schwinn metal flake grips and vintage metal flake mini bike foot pegs, these could be metal flake too.
      sew a seat cover out of bright orange metal flake upholstery vinyl, no welting needed, use a nice substantial double sew seam with clear thread. get vintage style mini bike tires with the nice tread pattern chromed assed wheels. it would be great, I need one right this instant.