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Monday, March 13, 2017

1971 Honda SL350 Sonic Weld Flat Track Racer sold for $7,500 at the 2017 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

I raced a 350 similar to this in my teen years.  Had to race in the open class but it was very competitive at the local TT course (in the ametuer class).


  1. great bike. only thing SL350 about it is the SL motor. without the electric starter that the CB/CL350 motor had. my 1969 SL350 has electric start although I removed it. the later SL350 cases were without the electric motor casting, like this bike. if I had this bike I would paint the tank and fender dark maroon metal flake with no decals. the seat could be a Bates Scrambler in white leather. the bars could be tall stock chrome 1969 SL350. the wheels could be 18 KimTab magnesium polished raw magnesium with single small disc front and rear. with trials tires. no number plates. parked in my living room.

    1. As I've probably posted before, I'm partial to the late 60s early 70s 350 Hondas. I raced one on the local TT course very similar to this one back in the day.

    2. very cool. I like the looks of the 350 motor. it's a good looking motor. I would love to see pics of your old TT bike.

    3. I will need to see if I can find some pics. It's been over forty years ago.