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Thursday, March 28, 2019

1971 Honda CR750 for sale at the 2019 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction


  1. I followed this auction but could not find any sale report for it.
    My guess is that it was withdrawn because is is not a genuine CR750
    or even an accurate replica. I have a CR750 that i raced in Japan in
    the mid 1970s and can tell you the Mecum bike shown here has stock
    forks (it only 2 axle retainer bolts per side vs the CR's 4, plus fore/aft tabs to screw in the stock front fender vs the CR's clean
    bottom tubes) and a stock right side-mounted stamped steel dry-sump
    oil tank.

    1. Great comments. I appreciate the additional information. Always nice to hear from someone really familiar with the motorcycle, especially race bikes. There is so much counterfeit out there it helps when someone points out the details.

  2. The CR oil tank is hand formed aluminium alloy and center-mounted
    under the seat. That's just what's readily visible on the right side
    of the bike in these pictures. Who know what else??