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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Honda 100 2-Stroke Twin spotted at the 2019 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival -- Birmingham, Alabama

As far as I know Honda never made a small bore 2-stroke twin.  I think this started out as an NS50.  Would love to find out more about this build.


  1. I want that motor right this instant. to build a 1981 Honda CR125 (100cc). paint the motor red. you'de need to make twin high pipes that looked plausibly stock. then tell everyone it was a concept bike built by Honda of Lake Titicaca to race in the 100 twins MXDN but that class was cancelled at the very last moment. no one would ever check to see if it was true. then park it in my living room and never ride it.

  2. pic of 1981 CR125