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Friday, March 2, 2012

1972 Ossa Stiletto TT discovered in a garage in Eastern Wa. -- updates thru March 2012

Finished product!

New Hagon shocks from Dave Quinn Motorcycles.

Expansion chamber painted and ready to re-install.

Super Trap muffler added to expansion chamber by previous owner.  This will be cut off and replace with stinger tip like it originally was manufactured.

New Front Fender and Number Plate from Airtech in California.

Fiberglass removed to prep for paint.

New OSSA levers and grips replace aftermarket products. 

IRZ carburator after soaking in Harbor Freight ultra sonic cleaner.  This is the first time I used the ultra sonic cleaner and it worked very well.  After cleaning, the carb was reinstalled and the bike started up on the third kick.  This was the first time it had run in twenty years.  Now I need to order the carb gaskets from Alex Snoop.  Many of the gaskets are made of felt and are dried up.
New clutch push rods and cable installed.  The old clutch cable had been retro fitted from another bike and didn't work at all.

Left side case reassembled with new case gasket.

Found this in October 2011 and added it to my collection.   Right and left engines covers were removed when I bought it because the clutch push rod pins need replacement. These have been ordered from Alex Snoop in New York. 

Still has original Spanish Pirelli front tire.

As found condition tucked away in a garage.

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