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Sunday, February 12, 2012

1964 Honda C105 Domestic Model

 C105 ID Plate
Torpedo Bulb and Screw Taps

Photo of Front Winker Lens and Screws as Requested

Another survivor from my collection.  Domestic model not made for export.

U.S. Models did not have Super Cub decal because the name was owned by Piper Airplanes.

Japanese sticker on front forks.  I don't know what it says or what it's for.

Speedometr in kilometers.

C105 frame number.  It's a 55cc bike.

Electric start.

Note two buttons.  One for electric start, the other is for the horn.

Front winkers.

Rear winkers and small tail light.

Honda Wing decal.


  1. I just bought a 1963 c105 with a chrome frame. Do you know anything about it? It's in rough shape and I am having trouble finding any details.

    1. These are pretty rare. Approximately 1,500 produced in 1962 and 2,500 produced each year for 1963 and 1964. One of two stories I have heard... dealers could special order or they were only given to dealers that met sales quota. These were trail models and didn't come with the leg shield or plastic front fenders. The trail models also came with the short seat and a rack on the back. Good info at Click on the 62-Trail link. There are several Yahoo groups for Honda Cubs and Honda Pushrod 50s. These groups are usually pretty helpful.

  2. The front winker appears to be held with a single screw, is this true? I have never seen such a lens, if so what does the handle bar look like under the lens?

    There appears to be a square object on the frame behind the left fork, is it a label/decal/tag, what?

    Charlie in Iowa

    1. I have added new photos for clarification. The winker lens is held in place with two screws.

      The square object is some sort of tag or label. It is metal and mostly in Japanese. It does have the designation C105 on it.

    2. The winker lenses are fitted upside down.

  3. Have a C105-D000414 and not sure what model to restore to a older cub or older trail. Can not find a proper serial number in stock. Dose anyone know what year, or what was the original model. Thank you Randall

  4. Try He's an excellent source of Honda cub info. Also try VJMC