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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Work begins on 1978 KZ1000 LTD

The Kawasaki is on the bench.  Ready to cleanup and get running again.

The side covers on both sides have deep gouges.  I assume this happened in transport.

Original mileage.  The bike hasn't been run in 30 years. The fuel system including the tank and carbs will need to be cleaned.


  1. that bike is wonderful. it would be a lot of fun to detail clean polish and wax. then display it at a vintage meet. I would keep it parked in my living room after cleaning out the tank and carbs. it only has 3265 miles, it needs to be ridden carefully, easily and kept perfectly detailed cleaned, even the tires meed to be preserved somewhat. although brand new period looking tires would be great. I don't love looking at that backrest/rack. it looks correct but messes with bike, distracting.

    1. I agree with all of your comments. I removed the rack today. Not only did it distract from the lines, it also made the seat impossible to fully open.