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Friday, February 3, 2017

1971 Cheney Ducati MX sold for $27,500 at the 2017 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

Correction to previous post.  This was sale for $27,500.


  1. I would have bid one million dollars for that bike. just take a gander at all the coolness, the nice parts, it should be displayed in an art museum. I would paint the aluminum side panels blue with no backgrounds and remove the front number plate. I would then park it in my living room and gaze upon it admiring the glorious beauty. no one wanted to bid more than $2750 is crazy.

    1. This is one the four bikes I'm kicking myself for not buying. But I really need to sell a few bikes to make room for new ones.

    2. don't sell any of your bikes., you can put them in your living room.

    3. That Cheney/Ducati was bid up to $27,500 not $2750. I now because I own it. It will be back at Mecums auction in Las Vegas on June 3rd. It is being featured in VMX magazine in issue 70 coming out in mid to late June. VMX issue 69 has a preview of it in the back of the magazine. Thanks for all the great comments. Mike V

    4. Patrick, Thanks for setting the record straight. I have update the post. I'll be on the look out for the June issue of VMX.