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Monday, August 3, 2015

1971 Kawasaki A7 SS Avenger refurbished and ready to go.

The Avenger now runs great and fires on the first kick.  Special thanks to Rod Ransom at Rod's Motorcycle Repair in Caldwell Idaho for all his work cleaning three decades of sludge from the fuel system, fixing burned up wiring, freshening up the motor, and spending hours sorting the bike out.  And I also need to thank Jim Hobbs at Lakeland Services in Henderson North Carolina.  Jim manufactures fantastic replacement CDI systems for Kawasaki's.  Most his his work is for triples, but he took the time to special build one for this bike.  Without Jim this would just be a nice looking show piece (all show - no go).  Now with Jim's ignition it easily wheelies like it did when new.


  1. are those the correct grips and footpegs? they look right but I am curious. I have been looking at the pics admiring the bike. I hope the seat base and the areas under the seat are clean, rust free and waxed perfectly clean. I would do it for you if I lived next to you. I remember how and where the bike and that Kawasaki LTD came from. you are the perfect guy to take care of these precious works of vintage mechanical art treasures. and it's a blessing that you have a blog so I can witness them for my own enjoyment. do not ride the Anger hard or get it dirty. you must preserve it in it's current state of beauty. or else.

    1. The grips and foot pegs are original. The tires are also original which will keep me from riding it hard as 45 year old tires can loose traction pretty quickly. The only non-original parts are the battery and the new CDI unit. I will also be adding new mirrors that look like the originals. Now that the bike is cleaned up and back in running order I will be participating in a few vintage rides and taking it to some shows this summer.