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Thursday, March 24, 2016

1982 MZ ETZ 250 Iraqi Republican Guard Sidecar Rig


  1. The two documents came with the motorcycle when I purchased it. One is a history of the motorcycle written by the Australian officer who rescued it and put it back on the road. The other document is a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the Australian army stating that it is a Iraqi Combat vehicle captured in the Gulf War.

  2. FYI it sat around in the entrance of my old MP HQ building in Brisbane and hadn't been started in years until I managed to get it started around 1999. We had a bit of fun after that riding around the barracks on it. I often wondered what happened to it.

    1. Wow. Great to hear from you. Would love to find out more. Curious how it ended up in the museum in Australia. Are you still located in Australia? I get asked a lot about what happened to the bullet holes.