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Monday, August 29, 2016

1967 Kawasaki F2M on display at 2016 "The Meet" -- Tacoma, Wa.


  1. wow that's a bike I will save your pics and look at for a long time

  2. Love it!
    I was surprised to see the built-in silencer on the tuned chamber.
    I started building tuned chambers in my first year of high school metal shop in 67, looked a lot like this one. Lol
    I actually copied the shape from a friend of mines step dad Frank Wheelie Wheeler's super cool, custom Hodaka, and prototype Taurus bike, that he was trying to get into manufacturing. I built a pipe for a friends Kawasaki 175, looked a lot like this pipe, and somehow really did work great, which wasn't always the case...
    Didn't start using silencers, until I started building chambers for street bikes though, A3 Avengers, Mach 111's, etc. and they were still loud...
    This great nostalgia, than you for posting this, and all the other great bikes you post! Your greatly appreciated!

    1. Thanks for the great trip down memory lane. Great to hear your story and I'm glad you enjoy the blog.