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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1969 Suzuki AS50 Sport on display at 2016 "The Meet" -- Tacoma, Wa.


  1. VERY beautiful stylish bike... I love it

  2. delivering the san jose news allowed me at 14 to buy a candy burgandy
    as 50 with 350 miles on the clock she was so beautiful i really did not know how much so it was by god a calf racer ,wa6y ahead of the times and now look at the pure crap calf's the kids are building most of them death traps
    i have ridden and raced mx and enduros,got my top 20 ama district 36 expert ranking, but man i want to get one and leave it stock lol no jumping, no knobbies this time i promise,dad

  3. Great comment. Thanks for sharing your memories.