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Thursday, September 6, 2018

1977 Bultaco Pursang Model 192 from my own little collection


  1. that is your bike, correct? holy cow. I would pay one million dollars for that bike.
    it looks perfect. is the tank aluminum? tell me about the pipe. do the grips have Bultaco logo on them? did you have to restore it or has it always been in nice shape? is that a customized swing arm?

    1. O.K. here goes... The tank is aluminum (purchased on line), the exhaust is from Pro-Form Racing (PFR), the grips are NOS Bultaco with logo in the grips (purchased from Hugh's Bultaco - now known as Bultaco Classic. The swingarm is stock Bultaco, The Model 192 was the first year for long travel suspension. The bike was pretty rough when I bought. The swingarm is stock Bultaco. I'll look for a photo of the bike in as found condition. If I find it, I'll post it.