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Friday, September 7, 2018

1983 Yamaha IT-490 from my personal collection


  1. beautiful bike indeed. I love the tank cover. is the tank cover decals screen printed?
    what is that box thingy with the tube above the motor on the right side?
    whats that do? it needs blue or yellow Oury grips, right this instant. the bike looks unrestored original in extra great condition.

    1. The tank cover is screen printed, no decals. I purchased this from a company in Australia. I ran one these on my Kawasaki that I raced desert on in the early 1980s. The box is part of the YEIS - Yamaha Energy Induction System. Supposed to change the resonance in the combustion chamber -- I think. The fenders, light cowling , and side covers are DC Plastics. I also recovered the seat. Everything else is original condition.