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Friday, September 7, 2018

Turkey Roaster used for carburetor cleaning

I was looking for a cheap and easy solution to clean a multi-carb set-up without using harsh chemical.  I've good luck in the past with untrasonic cleaners, but there aren't any big enough for price I'm willing to pay.

I have also had good results using a crock pot for parts cleaning.  They're cheap and plentiful at thrift stores, but not big enough for multiple carbs.  Then I started thinking about a turkey roaster.  Many have a removable cooking pot, adjustable heat controller, and they're big enough to hold multiple carbs.

I searched the thrift stores with no luck.  Then I checked out the local discount stores.  I found this one on closeout at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I only used water.  I'm worried about putting anything flammable in a hot pot with the heating element in close proximity.  I turned the roaster down to a simmer to prevent warping the carbs.

Overall I am pleased with the results.  Low cost, low effort, and minimal hazardous waste to dispose of. 

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