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Thursday, February 9, 2017

1970 Yamaha 350 Scrambler sold for $2,700 at the 2017 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction


  1. very cool bike. it has the Yamaha tuning forks logo gas cap. twin cylinder 2 stroke high pipes left and right is what makes this bike so very great. you posted a lot of bikes so far from the auction that I love. if I had this Yamaha I would maybe use white Beston grips and a white seat sew just like stock, paint the bike solid darkish gray (not to dark) metal flake. no white tank sides. a lot of very good prices on a lot of these bikes. some of the bikes you posted are extremely high dollar bikes that would be too much responsibility. you would have to store them in a bank vault.

    1. There were lots of great bikes at the auctions this year. Except for the very collectable models, most of the Japanese bikes were very affordable.